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The beauty of intimate weddings

Small really is beautiful, intimate weddings have always been my favourite, I had an intimate wedding of 14 in 2016, followed by a blessing with wedding breakfast and dancing a few days later.

To my surprise the beauty of the intimate day was by far my favourite. The chance to spend the time with those exceptionally important friends and family members on our monumental day was incredibly significant.

2020 has been a very turbulent year for couples and suppliers getting married, resulting in the difficult decision to postpone original plans or scale back to an intimate affair. Although the decision for couples is a huge choice there is a silver lining. For lots of couples the opportunity to have two days, the first, an intimate affair with close friends and family, followed by a celebration with all those friends and family members a year perhaps later is an appealing concept. The chance to plan and hold two days, prolonging the excitement of wedding day bliss, the opportunity to wear your dress again and get everyone together.

Although for lots of couples the ability to choose who to and who not to invite is something that is an almost impossible task. However, by reducing the guest numbers the friction that comes with conflicting decisions on who to invite is drastically reduced by inviting only those very close individuals. For the ‘after party’, the celebration of love, a year later when freedom returns to ‘normality’, all those guests you want to be with you to celebrate can be invited to join you on your most special day.

When hosting an intimate wedding, it really is all in the detail, and we just love the details captured within all these beautiful intimate weddings. With fewer numbers couples get the incredible opportunity to sit everyone together on one long and intimate trestle table. For me, the dining table has always been a magical place, a place memories are made. A place to share laughter, share stories, adventures, hopes, excitement, and love.

Traditionally, weddings where all about close family and friends coming together to celebrate the marriage of two people. Today, couples get to return to their routes and the traditional celebration of marriage, followed by the biggest party surrounded by all their family and friends, a party more customary in modern days. Intimate weddings are beyond beautiful and should be celebrated even more so. Keep the big dress, the enormous cake, and the extravagant display of flowers, just

because its small does not mean it cannot be exactly the way you envisioned it and even more so!

Love is not lost, in fact its gained.

Here are just a few snaps of the most beautiful intimate weddings 2020 has gifted us, the most poignant of days I was honoured to be part of.

Anna and Will, 6th September 2020 held at the beautiful Tathwell Lodge followed by The Priory by Thomas Espin

Alex and Josh, 10th October 2020 held at a Private Venue

Martin and Rebecca, 23rd October 2020 held at The Priory by Thomas Espin

Hannah and Fraser, 31st October 2020 held at the fabulous Elm Tree

Many thanks to TTS Media, Chris Waud Photography, Kazooieloki, Teresa Foyster and Cluskey Smith Photography.


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